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Date Type         Title Contributed by
1961-01 ca.Financial MaterialOriginal Business Plan reproductionCHM Corp History
1961-06 ca.Still ImageFirst Memorex BuildingT Gardner
1962-05-21Framed PO copyPurchase Order - The Mitre CorporationE Seaman
1962-06-01BrochureMemorex Corportate BrochureE Seaman
1962Still ImageEarly Memorex Marketing StaffE Seaman
1962Still ImageHusbands and wifes of early Martketing DeptE Seaman
1962Still ImageFirst Memorex National Sales MeetingE Seaman
1963-12Other TextMrx Monograph #2 - Considerations of Head Wear In Magnetic RecordingT Gardner
1963BrochureMemorex Corportate BrochureG A Williams
1964-06NewsletterMag FlagG A Williams
1964-07NewsletterMag FlagG A Williams
1965-01NewsletterIntercomE Seaman
1965-01NewsletterMag FlagG A Williams
1965-02-15Financial MaterialProspectusE Seaman
1965-03-03Financial MaterialProspectusE Seaman
1965-03-04ArticleIPOT Gardner
1965-03NewsletterIntercomE Seaman
1965-03NewsletterMag FlagG A Williams
1965-04-09Financial MaterialReport of annual meetingT Gardner
1965-06-12NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1965-08NewsletterIntercomE Seaman
1965-09-15Mug/glassQPL TapesE Seaman
1965-09-15Mug/glassQPL TapesE Seaman
1965-09NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1965-10NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1965-11-17Financial MaterialStock RegistrationT Gardner
1965-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1965-12NewsletterIntercomE Seaman
1965 ca.Tape ReelMemorex - 800 BPI Total Surface TestedE Seaman
1966-01NewsletterIntercomE Seaman
1966-02NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-03NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-04NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-05NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-06NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-07-21Financial MaterialProspectusE Seaman
1966-07NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-08NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-09NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-10NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-11BrochureMemorex welcomes u to 1966 FJCCW Heitel
1966-11NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966-12Financial MaterialAnnual ReportCHM Corp History
1966-12NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1966Data SheetPrecision Closed Circuit Video TapeR Nelson
1967-01NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-02NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-03NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-04NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-05NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-06Data SheetNew 79 Series Video Tapes For All Helical Scan RecordersR Nelson
1967-06NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-07Data SheetMRX III - A new Generation of Precision Tape for the New Generation of High-Speed ComputersR Nelson
1967-07NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-08NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-09-15Financial MaterialProspectusE Seaman
1967-09BrochureMark I Disc Packs: Quality, Revovable Disc StorageR Nelson
1967-09Data Sheet79V High-Chroma Video Tape fot the new generation of high-band recorders R Nelson
1967-09MemorandaPresentation of European Plant ProjectG A Williams
1967-09NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-10BrochureMemorex Corporate BrochureG A Williams
1967-10Data SheetMemorex Type 22 Computer TapeR Nelson
1967-10NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-11Article2311 compatible disk pack successT Gardner
1967-11NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967-12-07 ca.BinderMemorex Sales ManualR Nelson
1967-12Financial MaterialAnnual ReportCHM Corp History
1967-12NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1967 ca.Tape ReelMrx III Tape reelCHM
1967Still ImageMark I Disc Pack (png)T Gardner
1967Still ImageMark I Disk Pack (pdf)T Gardner
1968-01NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-02NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-03-22Other Text630 / 660 Drive PatentCHM Corp History
1968-03-29Financial MaterialShareholders LetterE Seaman
1968-03AdvertisementAdvertisement for Mark I Disk PackT Gardner
1968-03NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-04-06ArticleA tiny competitor reels in tidy return G A Williams
1968-04NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-05ArticleCorporate ProfileT Gardner
1968-05NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-06ArticleMemorex Marks Sixth YearT Gardner
1968-06BinderMemorex Organization GuideE Seaman
1968-06NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-07NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-08NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-09-13Other TextTech Digest #108 - Disc Coating Cross SectionsT Gardner
1968-09NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-10AdvertisementAdvertisement for Mark VI Disk PackT Gardner
1968-10NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-11NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968-12 ca.Still ImagePhoto of Spitters extracted from ART Gardner
1968-12Financial MaterialAnnual ReportCHM Corp History
1968-12NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1968 ca.Tape ReelMemorex Precision Magnetic TapeE Seaman
1969-01-17Still ImagePhoto of 1969 National Sales TeamT Gardner
1969-01 ca.Still ImageWelcome Memorex QuantumE Seaman
1969-01BrochureMark ICHM
1969-01NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969-01Price ListType 27 Quantum Tape Cartridge Price ListCHM
1969-03NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969-04NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969-04Price ListType 90 Magnetic Tape Cartridge Price ListCHM
1969-05-02Press ReleaseMemorex Reports First Quarter ResultsCHM Corp History
1969-05BrochureMagnetic Tape Cartridge for MT/ST ...CHM
1969-05NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969-07NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1969-08-08MemorandaSPC engineering planT Gardner
1969-08NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1969-10NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969-11NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969-12-16MemorandaSPC Shareholders ConsentT Gardner
1969-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportCHM Corp History
1969-12BrochureMark VICHM
1969-12NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1969 ca.Still ImagePhoto of 660 disk driveD Bedell
1969 ca.Still ImagePhoto of 650 Floppy Disk DriveD Bedell
1969 ca.Still Image1603 Microfilm PrinterD Bedell
1970-01NewsletterUpdate 2G A Williams
1970-01NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-01NewsletterUpdate v1 #1G A Williams
1970-01NewsletterUpdate v1 #2G A Williams
1970-02NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1970-02NewsletterUpdate v1 #3G A Williams
1970-02NewsletterUpdate v1 #4G A Williams
1970-03NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-03NewsletterUpdate v1 #5G A Williams
1970-03NewsletterUpdate v1 #6G A Williams
1970-04-01Data SheetAstron Type 26CHM Corp History
1970-04-06Box$75M DebentureG Jeffery
1970-04-06Box$75M DebentureG Jeffery
1970-04-06Card Box$75M DebentureT Gardner
1970-04NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1970-04NewsletterUpdate v1 #7G A Williams
1970-04NewsletterUpdate v1 #8G A Williams
1970-05NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-05NewsletterUpdate v1 #9G A Williams
1970-05NewsletterUpdate v1 #10G A Williams
1970-06NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1970-06NewsletterUpdate v1 #11G A Williams
1970-06NewsletterUpdate v1 #12G A Williams
1970-07NewsletterUpdate v1 #13G A Williams
1970-07NewsletterUpdate v1 #14G A Williams
1970-07NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-08NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-09Data Sheet801TesterCHM
1970-09Manual660-0 disc drive maintenance manualCHM Corp History
1970-09NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-10-23MemorandaMacKenzie application of 2 September 1970S Mackenzio
1970-10NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1970-10NewsletterUpdate v1 #18G A Williams
1970-10NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-11NewsletterUpdate v1 #20G A Williams
1970-11NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970-12-04Tape ReelLeo Burnett co, Inc. Memorex (RevisedR Nelson
1970-12-07ArticleIBM Names Memorex in Secrets SuitCHM Corp History
1970-12-31Financial Material10k- Portions re: Entrepreneurial SubsidiariesT Gardner
1970-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportCHM Corp History
1970-12-31Other TextEngr personnel from IBM to MRXT Gardner
1970-12BrochureFE Capabilities BrochureT Gardner
1970-12NewsletterUpdate v1 #22G A Williams
1970-12NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1970 ca.Still Image3660 Subsystem 661 + 2x 660-0D Bedell
1970 ca.Still ImageHead shots of about 250 Media Sales PersonsD Bedell
1970 ca.Tape ReelMemorex/AstronJ Porter
1970BrochureRecruitment brochureG A Williams
1971-01AdvertisementDiGiuseppe Commercial Story BoardCHM Corp History
1971-01 ca.AudioRadio Commercial, DiGiuseppe breaking glass
1971-01NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1971-01NewsletterUpdate v2 #2G A Williams
1971-02NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1971-02NewsletterUpdate v2 #3G A Williams
1971-03-01ArticleMemorex Contemplates New Markets as It Promotes Blank Audio TapesCHM Corp History
1971-03NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1971-04-12ArticleMemorex Changes AccountingCHM Corp History
1971-04NewsletterC/R (Cost Reduction) HighlightsG A Williams
1971-04NewsletterUpdate v2 #7G A Williams
1971-04NewsletterUpdate v2 #8G A Williams
1971-04NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1971-05-10ArticleMemorex Adds Disk to IBM 370T Gardner
1971-05-19BrochureFacililities DedicationG A Williams
1971-05-22 ca.Other TextOpen House - MediaG A Williams
1971-05-22Other TextOpen House - Equipment GroupG A Williams
1971-05NewsletterUpdate v2 #9G A Williams
1971-05NewsletterUpdate v2 #10G A Williams
1971-05NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1971-06NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1971-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1971-08-16Manual661 SCU Maintenance ManualT Gardner
1971-08NewsletterIntercomG A Williams
1971-09-13Other TextSSG Organizational AnnouncementT Gardner
1971-09-30Financial MaterialQtr ReportCHM Corp History
1971-09AdvertisementThe tape that shattered glassCHM Corp History
1971-10-09ArticleGoblet Shattering Ad Titillates Tape GiantsCHM Corp History
1971-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1971-12-31Other TextOrg chart for Storage Systems GroupT Gardner
1971 ca.Still ImageMemorex Flexible Disk ProductsD Bedell
1971 ca.Still ImageBuilding 12CHM Corp History
1972-01-13Other TextMrx 3670 Airflow PatentCHM Corp History
1972-03-10NewsletterComm Flashes 36-83 1972-1977T Gardner
1972-03-24ArticleMemorex Enters System MarketT Gardner
1972-03ArticleMrx 650 Product AnnouncementCHM Corp History
1972-03ManualMrx 40/50 Product Manual (Internal Use Only)CHM Corp History
1972-03NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1972-04-30 ca.Still ImageMRX 50 with BoDT Gardner
1972-04ArticleThe Memorex Computers (Mrx 40 50)T Gardner
1972-04NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1972-05Article650 Ann DatamationT Gardner
1972-05NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1972-06NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1972-07-19ManualMemorex 7100 (MRX 30) System Reference ManualT Gardner
1972-07 ca.Still ImagePhoto of the Memorex 7100 (MRX 30)T Gardner
1972-07NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1972-08NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1972-09 ca.AdvertisementTook less than one year to become #2T Gardner
1972-09 ca.Still ImageEllaCHM Corp History
1972-09NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1972-09Plaque/paperweightIn appreciation of ... MRX 40 and 50 SystemsM Lutvak
1972-10-02Other TextMrx 3670 Design PatentCHM Corp History
1972-10 ca.Tape ReelUCA 60 Video Tape CassetteW Carlson
1972-10NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1972-11NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1972-12-11ArticleMemorex … market … new floppy disc drivesT Gardner
1972-12-12ArticleMemorex in FDD marketCHM Corp History
1972-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1972-12 ca.ArticleMRX/40 and MRX/50 (Auerbach)T Gardner
1972-12 ca.Still Image3671 SCU PhotoT Gardner
1972-12AdvertisementMemorex Consumer Tape #2 In Market AdCHM Corp History
1972-12ManualMrx 40 Mrx 50 Product ManualCHM Corp History
1972-12Manual650 Flexible Disc File - OEM ManualCHM Corp History
1972-12NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1972 ca.Badge/button/pinsFour pinsR Nelson
1972 ca.Data Sheet650 FD DST Gardner
1972 ca.MemorandaFact sheet - Memorex CorporationE Seaman
1972 ca.Still ImagePhoto of Memorex System W Whitaker
1972MugThe Extra MeasureG Jeffery
1973-01BrochureComputer MediaD Bedell
1973-01NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-03Manual1270 Product Description ManualT Gardner
1973-03NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-04NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-05NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-06NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-07-09ArticleMemorex Corp. Says It's Facing Big WriteoffsCHM Corp History
1973-07NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-08NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-09-13ArticleShattering Goblets With Amplified SoundCHM Corp History
1973-09NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-10Data SheetMark III F Disk CartridgeD Bedell
1973-11 ca.Still ImageMrx storage systems engineering managersCHM Corp History
1973-11NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973-12-17ArticleMemorex Sues IBM for $3 BillionCHM Corp History
1973-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1973-12 ca.AdvertisementStoryboard - Watch for Ella and Memorex This Fall on CBS NFC FootballT Gardner
1973-12 ca.Moving ImageTwo Ella video adsT Gardner
1973-12AdvertisementIs it Ella or is it Memorex AdCHM Corp History
1973-12NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1973 ca.Mug/glassMemorex (Breaking Glass)P Ellis
1973 ca.Still ImagePhoto of Floppy Disk Drv Development TeamT Gardner
1974-01Manual3670 Parts CatalogCHM Corp History
1974-02-25ArticleIBM Charges Espionage In Answer to MemorexCHM Corp History
1974-02-28Financial MaterialMemorex Business and Management Overview (prepared for R Wilson)T Gardner
1974-02BrochureProscan 2314/3330 2311/3330G Fujita
1974-02BrochureMemorex Service LaboratoryT Gardner
1974-02NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-03NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-04Brochure652 Flexible Disc FileD Bedell
1974-04NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-05-07Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1974-05ManualCommunication Terminal Visual Adjustment GuideD Bedell
1974-06NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1974-08BrochureProfile of RESOURCED Bedell
1974-08NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-09Brochure3672 Storage Control UnitD Bedell
1974-09NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-10BrochureMarl XL Disc PackD Bedell
1974-10NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-11-20Press Release 3675 FCST Gardner
1974-11Brochure1242 Communication TerminalD Bedell
1974-11NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1974-12-31Financial Material10KT Gardner
1974-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1974-12 ca.AdvertisementStoryboard - Watch for Ella, Count Basie and Memorex This FallT Gardner
1974-12 ca.AdvertisementElla and Count Basie Mrx AdCHM Corp History
1974-12NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1975-01Brochure1240 Communication TerminalD Bedell
1975-01NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-02BrochureMarkette flexible discD Bedell
1975-03-25Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1975-03Manual1270 Maintenance ManualCHM Corp History
1975-03NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-04-03MemorandaTechnical Briefing on Computer Technology for Judge in Mrx v. IBMT Gardner
1975-04BrochureThe Choice Is Yours WOrd Processing DivisionD Bedell
1975-04BrochureMemorex Ribbons Tie it All TogetherD Bedell
1975-05Brochure3670 Disc SubsystemD Bedell
1975-05Brochure3675 Disc Storage ModuleD Bedell
1975-05Brochure3671 Storage Control UnitD Bedell
1975-05NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-06BrochureMemorex Get's The Word AroundD Bedell
1975-06Manual 660-1 disc drive maintenance manualT Gardner
1975-07-16Other Text1380 Product PlanA Astrin
1975-07NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-08Brochure3670 Model 1 and 3670 Model 2 DIsc Storage ModulesD Bedell
1975-08Brochure3673 Disc Storage ControllerD Bedell
1975-08NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-09-08Press Release 3675 shipmentsT Gardner
1975-09BrochureMemorex Dictation Cassettes get the word aroundD Bedell
1975-09Data SheetMark VI Disc PackD Bedell
1975-09Data SheetMark X/L Disc PackD Bedell
1975-09NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1975-09NewsletterFE NewsletterCHM Corp History
1975-10BrochureMarkette Flexible DiscG Fujita
1975-10NewsletterMemorex651FlexibleDiscFileG Fujita
1975-10NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-11-10ArticleMemorex: This is 'the year of restoration'CHM Corp History
1975-11Data SheetMark III T Disk CartridgeD Bedell
1975-12-31Financial MaterialFinancial ReportT Gardner
1975-12Brochure651 Flexible DIsc FileD Bedell
1975-12BrochureBlank Audio Recording TapeI Myles
1975-12Data Sheet651Flexible Disc FileG Fujita
1975-12Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1975-12NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1975-12NewsletterMrx Independent JournCHM Corp History
1975 ca.ButtonsAssorted Memorex ButtonsW Whitaker
1975 ca.Other ObjectAllstate Wallet with "not live ..." cartoon
1975BrochureMark XI Double Capacity Disc PackG Fujita
1976-01Brochure677 OEM Disc Storage DriveD Bedell
1976-02-23Other TextTeam '76 Management Conference AgendaCHM Corp History
1976-02Brochure660/3 And MRX/3 For System 3G Fujita
1976-02Brochure1377 Display StationG Fujita
1976-02NewsletterSaga - Memorex MediaD Bedell
1976-02NewsletterFocusD Bedell
1976-03-04Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1976-03Manual1377 Operations Display Station and Service ManualD Bedell
1976-04Brochure601 OEM Disc Sorage DriveD Bedell
1976-04Data Sheet602 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1976-04NewsletterIndependent JournalCHM Corp History
1976-04NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1976-05BrochureData Mark 70/70FA Schuler
1976-06 ca.Other TextAntitrust postion paper on 1270 v 3704/05T Gardner
1976-06BrochureMemorex Audio AccessoriesD Bedell
1976-06BrochureFront Loading Disc CartridgeG Fujita
1976-06NewsletterIndependent JournalD Bedell
1976-06NewsletterIntercomW Bellou
1976-07ButtonsTwo Mrx Pins
1976-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1976-07NewsletterMrx Independent JournCHM Corp History
1976-09-14 ca.Still ImageMrx 3650 announcementCHM Corp History
1976-09-27 ca.ArticleMrx 3650 announcementCHM Corp History
1976-09Brochure550 Flexible Disc FileD Bedell
1976-09BrochureFront Loading Disc CartridgeG Fujita
1976-09NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1976-11AdvertisementAd for Memorex 3670, 3675 and 3650T Gardner
1976-11NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1976-12-31Financial Material10KT Gardner
1976-12-31Financial MaterialFinancial ReportT Gardner
1976-12Financial MaterialAnnual ReportCHM Corp History
1976-12NewsletterIndependent JournalD Bedell
1976-12NewsletterIndependent JournalD Bedell
1976-12NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1976 ca.PresentationMemorex Computer MediaD Bedell
1976BrochureFront Loading Disc CartridgeG Fujita
1976Brochure677 OEM Disc Storage UnitG Fujita
1977-01Brochure550 OEM Flexible Disc DriveD Bedell
1977-01NewsletterBits and BytesT Gardner
1977-02-21Other TextTeam '77 Creative Excellence, Management Conference, Silverado AgendaCHM Corp History
1977-02BrochureModel 550 Flexible Disk Drive introduction I Myles
1977-02NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1977-02NewsletterMrx Independent JournCHM Corp History
1977-03-01Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1977-03Brochure601 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1977-03NewsletterBits and BytesD Bedell
1977-03Still ImagePhotos of production equipmentD Bedell
1977-04-22 ca.BinderBinder with profiles of all 1977 Memorex Equipment products.T Gardner
1977-04Brochure1270 and 1380 Product BrochureT Gardner
1977-05-08Other ObjectClock - Roy Nelson Memorex Ten YearsR Nelson
1977-05-13Still ImageMemorex Fujitsu Tape Drive ContractT Gardner
1977-05Brochure3672 Storage Control UnitI Myles
1977-05Data Sheet601 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1977-05NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1977-06BrochureMemorex Professional Audio-Video ProductsI Myles
1977-06NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1977-07Manual651 OEM ManualCHM Corp History
1977-08BrochureField Engineering ServicesI Myles
1977-08NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1977-08Still ImageMemorex Fujitsu Tape Drive ContractT Gardner
1977-09-06Other Text2078 Functional ObjectivesA Astrin
1977-09-07CoinCoin commemorating 1977 stock relistingT Gardner
1977-09-17NewsletterIntercom - Open HouseD Bedell
1977-09AdvertisementDisk pack advertisementT Gardner
1977-09BrochureThe Americas and Asia GroupI Myles
1977-09NewsletterCommitment re: 3650 productionCHM Corp History
1977-09NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1977-10 ca.Data Sheet3220 Magnetic Tape Storage Subsystem for System/370 UsersG Ronchi
1977-10BrochureMRX 80 Helical Scan Reel-to-Reel Video TapeI Myles
1977-11Data Sheet677 OEM Disc DriveT Gardner
1977-11Data Sheet3672 Storage Control UnitCHM Corp History
1977-11NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1977-12-31Financial Material10KT Gardner
1977-12-31Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1977-12-31Financial MaterialFinancial ReportT Gardner
1977-12BrochureWord Processing ProductsI Myles
1977-12NewsletterIndependent JournalD Bedell
1977-12NewsletterCommitment re: 677 productionCHM Corp History
1977 ca.Disk PackMark XIII Disk PackW Carlson
1977 ca.ManualProduct Manuals for various Comm ProductsT Gardner
1977 ca.Plaque/paperweight3650 - A Head To Stay AheadP Ellis
1977Brochure601 OEM DIsc Storage DriveD Bedell
1977BrochureDataMark70/75 Data ModulesG Fujita
1977BrochureMRX 3/4" U-Matic Video CassettesI Myles
1977Other ObjectOdyssey 77 pen holderV Tarpey
1977 ca.BrochureTrivex Plus Product DescriptionA Astrin
1977 ca.BrochureTrivex Plus Service ManualA Astrin
1978-01NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1978-02-13Other TextTeam '78 Quality Excellence, Management Conference, Silverado AgendaCHM Corp History
1978-02-27Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1978-02BrochureExcellence in Information Storage and Communications (Product Brochure)T Gardner
1978-02BrochurePremium Toners and DevelopersI Myles
1978-02NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1978-02NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1978-02Other TextHybrid Disc Cache Program - Commercial SpecificationT Gardner
1978-03BrochureEurope, Middle East, Africa (EUMEA) Sales OfficesI Myles
1978-03BrochureAmerica and Asia (A&A) Sales OfficesI Myles
1978-03Data SheetMark XI Disc PackG Fujita
1978-03Data SheetMark X Disc PackI Myles
1978-03Data SheetMark XI Disc PackI Myles
1978-04-22NewsletterWinner's CircleG Fujita
1978-04-27ArticleBay Area' 5 Best· Paid ExecutivesT Gardner
1978-04-27PamphletMemorex 1977 Quota Club Banquet ProgramW Whitaker
1978-04NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1978-04NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1978-05BrochureMarkette Flexible DiscsI Myles
1978-05Data Sheet3673 Disc ControllerCHM Corp History
1978-05Data SheetMark VI Disc PackI Myles
1978-05Still ImageNational Sales Conference AttendeesV Tarpey
1978-06NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1978-06Still ImageEric Daniel + PhotoT Gardner
1978-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1978-08AdvertisementAd for Memorex 3770 CacheT Gardner
1978-08ArticleMemorex: Spending ContinuesT Gardner
1978-09-28Other Text1371 Business PlanA Astrin
1978-09BrochureMemorex Scanning Auger Microscopy ServicesD Bedell
1978-09Data Sheet677 OEM Disc DriveT Gardner
1978-09NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1978-09NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1978-10AdvertisementTombstone for relistingT Gardner
1978-11Brochure3650 Disc Storage SubsystemD Bedell
1978-11NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1978-12-29Financial Material10KT Gardner
1978-12-29Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1978-12BrochureMrx 3770CHM Corp History
1978-12NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1978BrochureMark IIIT Top Loading disc CartridgeI Myles
1978Data SheetMark VIII Disc PackI Myles
1978Data SheetMark XII Disc PackI Myles
1978Plaque/paperweightManagement Workshop / 78P Ellis
1979-01NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1979-02-18Other TextSilverado Speech - Lapine CHM Corp History
1979-02-19Other TextTeam '79 Professional Excellence, Management Conference, Silverado AgendaCHM Corp History
1979-02 ca.Other Text3674 Self Study CourseT Gardner
1979-02Data Sheet601 OEM Disc DriveT Gardner
1979-02NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1979-02NewsletterFoghornI Myles
1979-03-07Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1979-03-09PamphletMemorex 1978 Quota Club Banquet ProgramW Whitaker
1979-04-27ArticleSearch For A New Chief At MemorexCHM Corp History
1979-04BrochureMemorex 3670/75 Disc Storage Subsystem,CHM Corp History
1979-05 ca.Still ImageLSSG Engineering 1979 photo (in frame)T Gardner
1979-05BrochureThe Secret's Out …G Fujita
1979-05Brochure601 OEM Disc DriveT Gardner
1979-05Brochure677 OEM Disc DriveT Gardner
1979-05Brochure677 OEM Disc Storage DriveT Gardner
1979-05BrochureOEM StoryT Gardner
1979-05Data Sheet677-30 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1979-05Data Sheet102 OEM Disc Drive - Future Product InformationCHM
1979-05Data Sheet601 OEM Disc Storage DriveT Gardner
1979-05Data Sheet3670 3675 Disc Storage SubsystemCHM Corp History
1979-05Data Sheet612 OEM Disc Storage Drive (Future Information)T Gardner
1979-05Data Sheet612 OEM Disc Storage DriveT Gardner
1979-05NewsletterFoghornW Whitaker
1979-06-01 ca.Brochure101 Brochure for NCC June 1979T Gardner
1979-06-04 ca.Press ReleaseMrx 3770CHM Corp History
1979-06 ca.Ad102 OEM Disc DriveT Gardner
1979-06 ca.Other ObjectTarpey National Sales Outstanding Achievement - first half 79V Tarpey
1979-06 ca.Still ImageDisk Drive Division Team PhotoT Gardner
1979-06NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1979-07BrochureOEM Sales LocationsT Gardner
1979-07BrochureMRX 2089 Line PrinterI Myles
1979-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1979-08-20Presentation MaterialInformation Storage TechnologyT Gardner
1979-09-29Other TextParis technology SpechT Gardner
1979-09ArticleLSSG productionCHM Corp History
1979-09Data SheetMemorex 801 TesterT Gardner
1979-09NewsletterFoghornI Myles
1979-10NewsletterIntercomI Myles
1979-11Manual1270 Terminal Control Ujnit Product Description ManualT Gardner
1979-11NewsletterFoghornI Myles
1979-12-28Financial Material10KT Gardner
1979-12-28Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1979-12 ca.Plaque/paperweightTarpey National Sales Outstanding AchievementV Tarpey
1979 ca.BrochureThe Memorex Disc Drive FamilyT Gardner
1979 ca.PlaqueFive years of Engineering Excellence (367x)T Gardner
1979 ca.Still ImageComputer Media Sales Team (with Lion)V Tarpey
1979AdvertisementStill ImageMedia ad, "Class by itself" (in frame)V Tarpey
1979BrochureCare and Handling Disc CartridgesG Fujita
1979BrochureMark XV Disc PackG Fujita
1979BrochureMrx 2056 Matrix Printer for System/34 and System/38I Myles
1979Other ObjectMemorex 1979 Quota Club Business Card BinderP Ellis
1979Product PartsSicob '79 ParisP Ellis
1980-02Data Sheet102 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1980-02Manual101 OEM Disc Storage Drive - PartsT Gardner
1980-02Manual101 OEM Disc Storage Drive - Product SpecT Gardner
1980-02NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1980-02NewsletterFog HornS Mackenzio
1980-02Other TextSilverado Speech - Lapine CHM Corp History
1980-03 ca.Data Sheet201 Product DescriptionT Gardner
1980-03ArticleMemorex In Throes Of ChangeT Gardner
1980-03Data Sheet201 OEM Disk Data Storage Drive Future Product InformationT Gardner
1980-03NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1980-04-16MemorandaSanta Clara County Facilities Maps T Gardner
1980-04-29MemorandaOrganizational Announcement (International)T Gardner
1980-04NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1980-04Newsletter1380 NewsletterA Astrin
1980-05-08MemorandaOrganizational Announcement (Spangle)CHM Corp History
1980-05-28MemorandaOrganizational Announcement (SSG)T Gardner
1980-05Brochure101 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1980-05Data Sheet102 OEM Disc Storage DriveCHM
1980-06-18Plaque/paperweightMemorex PEG Production and Inventory Management Course
1980-06NewsletterFoghornD Bedell
1980-07-31MemorandaJoint Venture Proposal to BurroughsCHM Corp History
1980-07Data Sheet3652 Disc Storage SubsystemT Gardner
1980-07Data SheetIntelligent Dual InterfaceCHM Corp History
1980-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1980-07NewsletterFoghornI Myles
1980-08Advertisement1270 Model 8T Gardner
1980-08NewsletterIntercomI Myles
1980-09Data SheetMark X Disc PackG Fujita
1980-09Manual1300 Screen Printer Owner's ManualD Bedell
1980-09NewsletterIntercomCHM Corp History
1980-10Article(201) The 8" Fixed Disc Removeable Cartridge Drive Integral Backup For Small Systems T Gardner
1980-10NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1980-11-18Still ImageDistributor Advisory Group Meeting AttendeesV Tarpey
1980-11AdvertisementComm family AdT Gardner
1980-11Article(201) 8" Disks "To Go" Overcome The Elements T Gardner
1980-11NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1980-11Still ImageMedia display at ComdexV Tarpey
1980-12-26Financial Material10KT Gardner
1980-12-26Financial MaterialAnnual ReportT Gardner
1980-12NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1980-12NewsletterThe MedianV Tarpey
1980 ca.Buttons/PinsVarious pinsG Fujita
1980 ca.Other ObjectMemorex ashtrayR Nelson
1980BrochureFlexible DiscG Fujita
1980BrochureFlexible DiscG Fujita
1981-01-20Other Text1980 Sales Rally ProgramT Gardner
1981-01-21Other Text1980 Sales Rally AwardsT Gardner
1981-01-23Other Text20th Anniversay Celebration ProgramT Gardner
1981-01BrochureMemorex 1300G Fujita
1981-01Brochure2087 Matrix PrinterA Schuler
1981-01NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-02-14ArticleNew VP's appointed at MemorexT Gardner
1981-02-16ArticleMemorex 14 Inch Drives Centralized in New DivisionT Gardner
1981-02NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-03-27Financial MaterialShareholder letterT Gardner
1981-03NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-03PosterMyron wants your 4300 ... storageM Lutvak
1981-04-10ArticleMemorex Seeks New RecoveryT Gardner
1981-04NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-05 ca.AdvertisementSmallerA Schuler
1981-05 ca.AdvertisementEasierA Schuler
1981-05 ca.AdvertisementSmotherA Schuler
1981-05 ca.AdvertisementFasterA Schuler
1981-05 ca.AdvertisementSmaller, Smoother... SmarterA Schuler
1981-05AdvertisementInfosystemsT Gardner
1981-05NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-06NewsletterIntercomI Myles
1981-07Brochure3220 Magnetic Tape SubsystemG Ronchi
1981-08-14MemorandaMemorex-Burroughs MergerCHM Corp History
1981-08NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-09NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-10NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-11BrochurePremium WOrd Processing SuppliesG Fujita
1981-11Brochure3056 Matrix PrinterG Fujita
1981-11Data SheetMemorex 102 OEM Disc Storage DriveT Gardner
1981-11Data SheetMemorex 101 OEM Disc Storage DriveT Gardner
1981-11NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1981-12-15BrochureBrochure on Burroughs acquisition of MemorexCHM Corp History
1981-12NewsletterIntercom (Regular Editon)T Gardner
1981-12NewsletterIntercom (Burroughs Acquisition)CHM Corp History
1981 ca.Still Image1989 photos of a partially disassembled Mrx 101T Gardner
1981Brochure3652 Disc Storage SubsystemG Fujita
1981Brochure2051 Display StationG Fujita
1990 ca.Data Sheet3220 Sottosistema a Nastri (Italian)G Ronchi
1982-01NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-02-02Still ImageScreeming Eagle Poster for 1982 Quota ClubP Ellis
1982-02-06PamphletAwards Banquet - Arizona BiltmoreD Bedell
1982-02-06Still ImageProof photo strip for 1982 Awards BanquetD Bedell
1982-02-06Still ImageProof photo strip for 1982 Awards BanquetD Bedell
1982-02-06Still ImageProof photo strip for 1982 Awards BanquetD Bedell
1982-02-06Still ImageProof photo strip for 1982 Awards BanquetD Bedell
1982-02-06Still ImageProof photo strip for 1982 Awards BanquetD Bedell
1982-02-06Still ImageProof photo strip for 1982 Awards BanquetD Bedell
1982-03NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-04-27ArticleTandy-MemorexCHM Corp History
1982-04NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-04NewsletterIntercomG Fujita
1982-05-24ArticleMemorex Adds 5 Drives In Two Licensing DealsT Gardner
1982-05-24ArticleMemorex Gets DMA, Fujitsu Disk RightsT Gardner
1982-05Brochure2076 Model 4 Remote Cluster ControllerG Fujita
1982-05BrochureMemorexM FormulaA Schuler
1982-05ManualCompetitive HandbookP Ellis
1982-06-07ArticleMemorex Corp … to show …Newest … DrivesT Gardner
1982-06NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-06NewsletterMemorex TimesI Myles
1982-07BrochureThin Film TechnologyA Schuler
1982-07Data Sheet3676 Storage Control UnitCHM Corp History
1982-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-08NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-08NewsletterMemorex TimesCHM Corp History
1982-09-08Press ReleaseMrx 3680 & 3690 announcementCHM Corp History
1982-09Manual1270 Terminal Control Unit, Maintenance Manual, Volume I (1982)CHM Corp History
1982-09NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-10NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982-11BrochureFlex DiskA Schuler
1982-11NewsletterSalesbeatV Tarpey
1982-12Brochure2078 Display StationG Fujita
1982-12Data SheetMrx 3680, 3683CHM Corp History
1982-12Data SheetMrx 3688CHM Corp History
1982-12NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1982 ca.Other Object5.25 in Oxide Disk with 1983 and 1984 calendars imprintedV Tarpey
1982BrochureThin-Film Head Disc Storage SubsystemG Fujita
1982BrochureThe New Math 3680G Fujita
1982Brochure2078A Schuler
1982Plaque/paperweightBurroughs Worldwide Legion Of Honor AwareP Ellis
1982Plaque/paperweightInternational Manager's MeetingG Jeffery
1982Plaque/paperweightInternational Manager's MeetingG Jeffery
1982Still ImageAthens sales meetingG Jeffery
1983-01ManualMRX 112 114 Technical ManualT Gardner
1983-02BrochureMemorex 410 and 415T Gardner
1983-02Moving ImageRTCT Gardner
1983-02NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1983-03Brochure3864 Solid state Storage SubsystemI Myles
1983-03NewsletterThe LDDD ReportD Bedell
1983-04NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1983-05BrochureMemorex 510 SeriesT Gardner
1983-05Brochure3652 Disc Storage SubsystemA Schuler
1983-05NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1983-05NewsletterSalesbeatV Tarpey
1983-06 ca.ArticleMemorex Markets 3 WinchestersT Gardner
1983-06Brochure3260 Magnetic Tape SubsystemG Ronchi
1983-06Manual1270 Terminal Control Unit, Maintenance Manual, Volume II (1983)CHM Corp History
1983-06NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1983-06NewsletterMemorex TimesG Fujita
1983-06NewsletterMemorex TimesG Fujita
1983-06NewsletterBottom Line
1983-07Brochure3695I Myles
1983-07NewsletterMemorex TimesD Bedell
1983-07NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1983-07NewsletterThe LDDD ReportD Bedell
1983-09Data SheetMemorex 510 Series …T Gardner
1983-09NewsletterIntercomD Bedell
1983-10-12Moving Image3695 AnnouncementT Gardner
1983-10BrochureQuantum IIG Fujita
1983-10NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1983-11NewsletterMemorex TimesI Myles
1983-11NewsletterMemorex ExpressI Myles
1983-12-05ArticleMemorex To Resell 8 inch Winchesters Made By ToshibaT Gardner
1983-12 ca.Slides367x and 365x IDIT Gardner
1983-12 ca.SlidesDisk Subsystem StrategyT Gardner
1983-12NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1983 ca.Data SheetMemorex 680 Disc Storage SubsystemT Gardner
1983 ca.Floppy disk1 box of 10 Type D FDs, One sided 96 tpiM Lutvak
1983AdvertisementMemorex 3680 adI Myles
1983Brochure3683 MAPS String ControllerG Fujita
1983Brochure2074 Remote Cluster ControllerG Fujita
1983Brochure3680 Disc Storage DeviceI Myles
1983Brochure3888 Dual Director Storage Control UnitI Myles
1983Plaque/paperweight100% Quota ClubP Ellis
1984-01-03Other TextMorris patent on 3680 actuatorT Gardner
1984-01NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-02-14Still ImageDinner at Blue Fox SF for 10,000th tape driveT Gardner
1984-02NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-03NewsletterMemorex TimesT Gardner
1984-03NewsletterMemorex ExpressI Myles
1984-04BrochureHow The New Memorex 3680 Measures UpG Fujita
1984-04NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-05-04Plaque/paperweightUnisys First SMPO Multichip Product Strategy ReviewP Ellis
1984-05Brochure2078 Display StationG Fujita
1984-05BrochureMemorex 3864 Saving vital secondsI Myles
1984-05NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-06Brochure2079A Schuler
1984-06Brochure2079 Color Display StationsG Fujita
1984-06Brochure3250/3260/3280 Tape Subsystems
1984-06Brochure3864 Solid State Storage Subsystem
1984-06NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-07NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-08-23ArticleMemorex Chief takes over disk drive manufacturingCHM Corp History
1984-08AdvertisementFloppy disk ad - ByteT Gardner
1984-08ArticleLife After MemorexT Gardner
1984-08Brochure4300 PeripheralsG Fujita
1984-08NewsletterMemorex TimesI Myles
1984-09-14Still Image1984 Sales MeetingG Jeffery
1984-09-14Still Image1984 Sales MeetingG Jeffery
1984-09-17ArticleBurroughs Melds 2 Office Divisions with Memorex Media UnitT Gardner
1984-09NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-11NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984-12 ca.Still ImageScreen scrape of UK museum exhibit of dissassmbled 3680T Gardner
1984-12NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1984 ca.BrochureMemorex -Une gamme complete ...J Cabili
1984 ca.BrochureL'environnnement Memorex - des ordinateurs IBM 34/36/38J Cabili
1984 ca.BrochurePull Out All The StopsG Fujita
1984 ca.Mug/glassMemorex - a Burroughs CompanyP Ellis
1984 ca.Other ObjectMemorex areal density promo
1984Brochure5.25-in High Capacity Flexible DiskM Lutvak
1984BrochureGet a grip on your 4300 requirements...I Myles
1984Plaque/paperweightSystems Engineering Manager of the YearP Ellis
1984Plaque/paperweightMemorex International Quota Club 1984 - AthensG Jeffery
1984Plaque/paperweightMemorex International Quota Club 1984 - AthensG Jeffery
1985-01NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1985-02AdvertisementAd for Quantum II tapeT Gardner
1985-02NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1985-02NewsletterMemorex TimesCHM Corp History
1985-03Still ImageMedia Group President's Council Photo AlbumS Geraci
1985-04BrochureMemorex Flexible DisksJ Cabili
1985-04Brochure3680 HDPA Schuler
1985-04NewsletterMemorex PressCHM Corp History
1985-05Brochure2178 Display StationG Fujita
1985-05NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1985-06BrochureSystem 34/36/38 Plug Compatible PeripheralsG Fujita
1985-07Brochure3690-2 Prod BrochureT Gardner
1985-07NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1985-08Brochure8-in Flex DiskM Lutvak
1985-08NewsletterMemorex PressCHM Corp History
1985-10Moving ImageCorporate Promotional VideoT Gardner
1985-10NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1985-11NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1985 ca.BrochureAutomated Cartridge Evaluator for 3480 EnvironmentsG Fujita
1985 ca.Brochure4303 Line PrinterI Myles
1985 ca.Brochure2079A Schuler
1985 ca.Other ObjectThin film Head Asm with photoG Jeffery
1985 ca.Other ObjectThin film Head Asm with photoG Jeffery
1985 ca.Still ImagePoster of thin film head waferP Ellis
1985 ca.Still ImageFramed Computer Supplies PosterS Geraci
1985Brochure3270 Plug Compatible PeripheralsG Fujita
1985BrochureSystem 34/36/38 Plug Compatible PeripheralsG Fujita
1985Brochure5.25-in Flex DiskM Lutvak
1986-01NewsletterMemorex PressCHM Corp History
1986-01NewsletterMemorex TimesI Myles
1986-02NewsletterMemorex PressA Schuler
1986-03Brochure6520A Schuler
1986-04NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1986-06 ca.CatalogMemorex Le Cataloque de l'actualite Informatiqet et BureautiqueJ Cabili
1986-07Data Sheet3690-2 DST Gardner
1986-07NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1986-09NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1986-10-20ArticleMemorex on auction blockT Gardner
1986-10-26Article3682 AnnouncementT Gardner
1986-10 ca.SlidesMrx 3260T Tape SubsystemA Schuler
1986-10NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1986-10NewsletterMemorex Press - Special EditionD Bedell
1986-10NewsletterBottom LineI Myles
1986-11 ca.BinderComputer Media Product TrainingM Lutvak
1986-11 ca.BrochureMemorex 4th Qtr AnnouncementA Schuler
1986-11 ca.Slides6880 Solid State DiskA Schuler
1986-12-24ArticleInvestor, Execs Complete Purchase Of MemorexT Gardner
1986-12-29ArticleMgmt Seals Memorex Business BuyoutCHM Corp History
1986-12 ca.BookExtract of IBM Actions against 1270 from Big Blue by DeLamarterT Gardner
1986-12NewsletterMemorex PressD Bedell
1986-12Plaque/paperweightMemorex International B.V. ... acquired Memorex Division of UniysyM Lutvak
1986 ca.Brochure2078 ProductsA Schuler
1986 ca.NewsletterMemorex Corporate BrochureG Fujita
1986BrochureThin LIght CanisterG Fujita
1986BrochureAuto Load CartridgeG Fujita
1986Brochure3480 Tape CartridgeG Fujita
1986BrochureFlexible DIsc The Edge G Fujita
1986Brochure3888 Dual Director Storage Control UnitG Fujita
1986Brochure3270 Plug Compatible PeripheralsG Fujita
1986Brochure4300 Compatible PeripheralsG Fujita
1986BrochureBefore you jump to conclusions (3480 Cartridge)M Lutvak
1987-01-19ArticleMemorex Realignd Mfg, Mket, SalesCHM Corp History
1987-02 ca.Slides3682 2x DASDA Schuler
1987-03 ca.Still ImagePhoto Ronchi from MI brochureJ Cabili
1987-03BrochureThe strengths of the new MemorexJ Cabili
1987-09 ca.BrochureTombstone for $250M as cover to Italian product brochureG Ronchi
1987-10 ca.BrochureLet's TalkG Fujita
1987-12-15Press Release Tlx AcquisitionT Gardner
1987-12-27Article3680 Enhancements including 3686T Gardner
1987BrochureData Communications Peripherals & Direct Access Storage Devices Summer 1987G Fujita
1988-01BinderVol IX Telex Corp Papers - Mrx AcquisitioinCHM Corp History
1988-02NewsletterMerger Special Memorex-Telex MergerG Bragg
1988-03BrochureMtx Corporate Brochure - the global strengthG Ronchi
1988-04NewsletterMemorex TelexG Bragg
1988-05-24Still ImageMTX Raleigh 1M terminalsT Gardner
1988-05Brochure3840 Cartridge Tape Storage, Transport and Handling AccessoriesG Fujita
1988-05Brochure3480 Cartridge AccessoriesG Fujita
1988-05NewsletterMemorex TelexG Bragg
1988-06-27Press Release Merger ConsumatedT Gardner
1988-07NewsletterMemorex TelexG Bragg
1988-08BrochureMTx A Corporate ProfileG Ronchi
1988-08NewsletterMemorex TelexG Bragg
1988-09NewsletterMemorex TelexG Bragg
1988-12BrochureMidrange Systems Group Resource and Product OverviewG Fujita
1988Brochure5460 Tape Cartridge SystemG Fujita
1989-03-31Financial MaterialMTx 1989 Annual ReviewG Ronchi
1989-05BrochureDisc Form and FunctionG Fujita
1989-06Still ImageCountry Managers Meeting in CairoT Gardner
1989-10BrochureQuantum HDD Bedell
1989-10BrochureQuantum CL/XLD Bedell
1989-10BrochureMRX V/XL TapeD Bedell
1989-10BrochureSeismic 3600 TapeD Bedell
1989-10BrochureMRX XL 3600 TapeD Bedell
1989-12-07ArticleSequel SpinoutT Gardner
1989 ca.Tape ReelMemorex MRX VW Carlson
1989Still ImagePhoto of MTx Amsterdam buildingT Gardner
1990-03-31Financial MaterialMTx 1990 Consolidated Financial StatementsG Ronchi
1990-04BrochureMtx Corporate Brochure - ProfileG Ronchi
1990-10NewsletterMTx WorldG Ronchi
1990-12BrochureMrx tape plant and bizCHM Corp History
1990 ca.BrochureMemorex Telex (corporate brochure)G Ronchi
1990 ca.Mug/glassMemorex Telex P Ellis
1990 ca.Still ImageMemorex Telex Systems Technology Array RecordingP Ellis
1990Other ObjectKnife with Memorex Telex LogoP Ellis
1991-03-31Financial MaterialMTx 1991 Consolidated Financial StatementsG Ronchi
1991-03NewsletterMTx World (has one day in life of salesperson)G Ronchi
1991-12BrochureComputer Supplies CatalogT Gardner
1992-01-07Press Release Bancruptcy 1T Gardner
1992-02-08Press Release Bankruptcy CompleteT Gardner
1992-03-31Financial MaterialMTx 1992 Annual ReportG Ronchi
1992-11-12Press Release Gumucio CEOT Gardner
1992 ca.Floppy disk10 pack 2S/HD 5 1/4 in FD
1992 ca.Floppy disk10 pack 2S/HD 5 1/4 in FD
1992 ca.PaperPad of paper with Memorex Comuter Computer AdM Lutvak
1993-01-26Other TextMemorex Telex Worldwide DirectoryM Lutvak
1993-10-22Financial Material2Q FY1994 ReportH Eberly
1993-12-16ArticleHandy Holdings acquires Memorex ConsumerCHM Corp History
1994-02-08BrochureRoss Dove Auction of Tape PlantCHM Corp History
1994-03-15ArticleEmerging BancruptcyT Gardner
1994-06ArticleExtract listing defaulted MrxNV bondsT Gardner
1994-09-30Press Release 2Q ResultsT Gardner
1994-11-01Press Release SNA to LANT Gardner
1994-12-12Press Release Mtx New Network ProductsT Gardner
1994-12-31Press Release 3Q ResutlsT Gardner
1994 ca.Tape ReelMemorex MRX V 100% Compatible thru 6240 CPIT Gardner
1995-06-30Press Release 1Q ReportT Gardner
1995-09-30Press Release 2Q ReportT Gardner
1995-11-06Press Release New ProductsT Gardner
1996-03-31Financial MaterialMemorex Telex NV 10KT Gardner
1996-06-32Press Release Japan Comp SaleT Gardner
1996-09-30Financial MaterialMemorex Telex NV 10QT Gardner
1996-10-15ArticleFinal bancruptcy filingT Gardner
1996-11-03Press Release US BreakupT Gardner
1996-11-04ArticleUS Sales and Service SoldT Gardner
1998-07-10ArticleSequel acquiresTSS (IBM sub)CHM Corp History
1999-05-21ArticleSequel - SolectronCHM Corp History
2003Other ObjectDVD-RW Carlson
2005-01-18Press Release MTx JapanT Gardner
2005-03-31Financial MaterialHandy Holdings - Memorex record revenues …T Gardner
2006-01-20ArticleImation To Acquire Memorex For $ 330 MillionCHM Corp History
2006-06-30Still ImagePhotos Of "Is it live" LuncheonT Gardner
2008ArticleMemorex Telex NV Bankruptcies OverviewT Gardner
Memorex At Fifty
2011-10-14 & 15Memorabilia from the Memorex At Fifty Reunion
 BrochureBrochure for the exhibit at the Computer History Museum
 VideoAlumni at the exhibit talk about their Memorex experiences 
 Slide ShowSlide show on monitors at the exhibit
 PhotosAttendees at the exhibit
 VideoPresentation made at the reunion banquet in the Palo Alto Sheraton
 VideoOpen microphone session at the reunion banquet
 PhotosAttendees at the reunion banquet
UnknownBadge/buttonAnniversary Pin 15 yearP Ellis
UnknownBadge/buttonAnniversary Pin 20 yearP Ellis
UnknownBadge/button5 anniversary pins for Mrx and Memorex TelexG Jeffery
UnknownBadge/buttonTeam MemorexM Lutvak
UnknownBadge/buttonButtons/TagM Lutvak
UnknownClothingBreaking glass belt buckleW Carlson
UnknownDisk Drive677 Disc Storage DriveCHM
UnknownDisk Drive3653 dual disk driveCHM
UnknownDisk Drive651 floppy disk driveCHM
UnknownDisk PackMrk III Disk CartridgeCHM
UnknownDisk PackMark XIVA Kossow
UnknownFloppy disk1 box of 10 2SHD 5.25 FDsM Lutvak
UnknownMug/glassGo For The Gold - LSSGG Jeffery
UnknownMug/glassMemorex InternationalG Jeffery
UnknownMug/glassMemorex InternationalG Jeffery
UnknownMug/glassMemorex (Black w/white outlined letter)M Lutvak
UnknownMug/glassMemorex Products, JanusV Tarpey
UnknownMug/glassMemorexV Tarpey
UnknownMug/glassMemorex CMGV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectHead CleanerW Carlson
UnknownOther Object3674 Storage Control UnitCHM
UnknownOther ObjectApollo plate & medallionsP Ellis
UnknownOther ObjectGlass car from Executive ClubP Ellis
UnknownOther ObjectMemorex pen stand (red)M Lutvak
UnknownOther ObjectAsh trayV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectCubic Tape CalendarV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectMarkette FrisbeeV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectDisk Pack TowelV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectMrx IV FootballV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectAssorted buttons and other trinketsV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectRCD TileV Tarpey
UnknownOther ObjectCubic HD TileV Tarpey
UnknownOther Object3.5 inch M1HD-80 Floppy DiskV Tarpey
UnknownPen/pencilMemorex Cross Pen Pencil SetP Ellis
UnknownPlaque/paperweightThe Extra MeasureP Ellis
UnknownPlaque/paperweightCarG Jeffery
UnknownPlaque/paperweightCarG Jeffery
UnknownPlaque/paperweightMemorex Management PrinciplesM Lutvak
UnknownPlaque/paperweightMemorex Telex Scimiter
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of disk manufacturing process?D Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of tape manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of tape manufacturing processD Bedell
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of 660 disk driveD Bedell
UnknownStill ImageQuality PC SuppliesG Fujita
UnknownStill ImageMemorex Computer SuppliesG Fujita
UnknownStill ImageMemorex Computer SuppliesG Fujita
UnknownStill ImagePhoto of Memorex T ShirtsG Ousterling
UnknownTape ReelMemorex XL (3480 Tape Cartridge)W Carlson
UnknownTape ReelMemorex 9 Track Cartridge Recording TapeW Carlson
UnknownTape ReelMemorex 9 Track Cartridge Recording TapeW Carlson
UnknownTape ReelMemorex 1800 x 1 mil Recording TapeW Carlson
UnknownTape ReelMemorex DB Type 1 Normal Bias Cassette TapeW Carlson
UnknownTape ReelHS Video CassetteW Carlson
UnknownTape ReelTC-20 Comact Video CassetteW Carlson
UnknownTape ReeldBS 90 minute tape cassetteW Carlson
UnknownTape ReeldBS 60 minute tape cassetteW Carlson
UnknownBrochureMemorex RibbonsD Bedell
UnknownBrochureTape and Cartridge Pace of MindD Bedell
UnknownBrochureDB Series Audo CassettesG Fujita
UnknownBrochureMemorex 50 1/4" Data CartridgesG Fujita

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